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Social Media Strategy Development

Are you ready to stop just posting and create a marketing strategy that actually gets engagement?

Service Description

Have you been posting on social media without getting any leads or results? Sometimes you just need a strategy behind the content you have to get people to see how amazing your business actually is! With this strategy development, I will do an initial deep dive of up to 3 social media accounts for you. Choose from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest + LinkedIn. Once I get a feel for where you currently are, we will meet to discuss your goals INCLUDED:: - Social media deep dive - 2 CALLS WITH ME: Initial call (discuss goals, your current status, what accounts is your target audience hanging out on + WHO is your target audience) + A review of the strategy with next steps on implementing across your 3 top platforms for reaching your audience THE STRATEGY: - Will be specific to your business - We will define a niche market (if you already have one you are already off to a GREAT start my friend!) - Review of your goals + realistic milestones to hit based off of those goals - Review the posts you have had that were top performing and break them down so you can see what works, why it works and what didn't work and why (because sometimes that is JUST as important) - Create a brand values pillar that will have topics broken down under each value that you can pull from for posting - A 60 -day custom content calendar for you designed to kick start your social media - Captions + templates - A FREE Customized lead generation tool that you can use to capture new leads - A revamp of all 3 profiles to optimize your brand image - A fresh start to get you back on track with your marketing! ** Book the initial call today via the appointment tool. Once we chat - we will get your second call on the books to review your new strategy!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment please notify me at least 24 hours in advance by contacting

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